Rea Visiting Writers and Lecturers


Through the generosity of the Dungannon Foundation, the Creative Writing Program is able to bring several visiting writers and poets to the University of Virginia each year. Some are Rea Visiting Writers, who reside at UVA for one week, deliver a public reading, give a craft talk to our MFAs and advanced undergraduates, and conduct manuscript consultations with our graduate students. Rea Visiting Lecturers come for a briefer stay and deliver a public reading and give a craft talk to our MFAs and advanced undergraduates. If our Creative Writing Program recorded the Rea visitor's lectures or readings, you will see video camera icons () or audio icons () next to their name.

Rea Writers and Lecturers:

Name Type Date
Ed ParkRea WriterFebruary 2025
JJJJJerome EllisRea WriterOctober 2024
Matthew OlzmannRea WriterApril 2024
Amir Ahmadi Arian  Rea WriterMarch 2024
Cecily ParksRea WriterOctober 2023
Chiyuma ElliottRea WriterApril 2023
Miller ObermanRea WriterMarch 2023
Ernesto Mestre-ReedRea WriterFebruary 2023
Fowzia KarimiRea WriterNovember 2022
Tarfia Faizullah  Rea WriterApril 2022
Hernan DiazRea WriterFebruary 2022
Keenan NorrisRea WriterNovember 2021
Kyle Dargan  Rea WriterSeptember 2021
Chris AbaniRea WriterMarch 2021
Jos Charles  Rea LecturerMarch 2021
Rick BarotRea WriterOctober 2020
David MeansRea WriterSeptember 2020
Laura van den BergRea WriterApril 2020
Cristina Rivera-GarzaRea LecturerFebruary 2020
Aracelis GirmayRea WriterJanuary 2020
Jericho BrownRea LecturerOctober 2019
Jon PinedaRea LecturerSeptember 2019
Alvaro EnrigueRea LecturerSeptember 2019
Linda GregersonRea WriterMarch 2019
Nicholson BakerRea LecturerFebruary 2019
Adrian MatejkaRea LecturerJanuary 2019
John KeeneRea WriterOctober 2018
Gabrielle CalvocoressiRea LecturerOctober 2018
Aminatta FornaRea LecturerSeptember 2018
Chloe HonumRea LecturerApril 2018
Dorianne LauxRea LecturerMarch 2018
John Edgar WidemanRea LecturerFebruary 2018
Jesse BallRea LecturerNovember 2017
Ross GayRea WriterOctober 2017
Mary GaitskillRea WriterSeptember 2017
Helen OyeyemiRea LecturerApril 2017
David KirbyRea WriterMarch 2017
David ShieldsRea LecturerFebruary 2017
Natalie DiazRea LecturerNovember 2016
Rowan Ricardo PhillipsRea LecturerOctober 2016
Dinaw MengestuRea WriterOctober 2016
Aimee NezhukumatathilRea LecturerMarch 2016
Nick FlynnRea LecturerMarch 2016
Rick BassRea WriterFebruary 2016
Mary SzybistRea WriterOctober 2015
Lucy CorinRea LecturerSeptember 2015
David KeplingerRea LecturerApril 2015
Edwidge DanticatRea LecturerFebruary 2015
Meg WolitzerRea WriterJanuary 2015
Larissa Szporluk CelliRea WriterNovember 2014
Ada LimonRea LecturerOctober 2014
Victor LaValleRea LecturerSeptember 2014
Tayari JonesRea LecturerApril 2014
Terence HayesRea WriterFebruary 2014
Lauren GroffRea LecturerFebruary 2014
Paisley RekdalRea LecturerJanuary 2014
Ron CarlsonRea WriterNovember 2013
Michael CollierRea LecturerOctober 2013
Cate MarvinRea WriterMarch 2013
Jaimy GordonRea WriterFebruary 2013
David WojahnRea WriterNovember 2012
Deborah EisenbergRea LecturerNovember 2012
Jane HirshfieldRea WriterFebruary 2012
Darcey SteinkeRea LecturerNovember 2011
Joseph O'NeillRea WriterNovember 2011
Naomi Shihab NyeRea LecturerMarch 2011
Jim ShepardRea WriterFebruary 2011
Heidi JulavitsRea LecturerNovember 2010
Tony HoaglandRea WriterDecember 2009
Claire MessudRea WriterNovember 2009
Lynne TillmanRea WriterMarch 2009
Elizabeth AlexanderRea WriterMarch 2009
Amy HempelRea WriterApril 2008
Ralph AngelRea LecturerFebruary 2008
Jane MeadRea WriterNovember 2007
C.K. WilliamsRea LecturerNovember 2007
Dan ChaonRea LecturerOctober 2007
Elton GlaserRea WriterApril 2007
Denise DuhamelRea LecturerFebruary 2007
Lydia DavisRea WriterNovember 2006
Alice FultonRea WriterApril 2006
Allan GurganusRea WriterDecember 2005
Brenda HillmanRea WriterApril 2005
Alice McDermottRea WriterApril 2005
Lucie Brock-BroidoRea LecturerDecember 2004
Kevin YoungRea LecturerApril 2004
Alan WilliamsonRea WriterFebruary 2004
Francine ProseRea WriterNovember 2003
Richard BauschRea LecturerOctober 2003
Thomas MallonRea WriterApril 2002
Carl PhillipsRea WriterApril 2002
Margaret LiveseyRea WriterMay 2001
Mark DotyRea WriterMarch 2001
James TateRea WriterApril 2000
Charles BaxterRea WriterMarch 2000
Andrea BarrettRea WriterMarch 1999
Carol MuskeRea WriterMarch 1999
Richard FordRea LecturerNovember 1998
Michael HarperRea WriterFebruary 1998
Jill McCorkleRea WriterNovember 1997
Heather McHughRea WriterMarch 1997
Chris TilghmanRea WriterOctober 1996
Charles SimicRea WriterApril 1996
Robert StoneRea WriterFebruary 1996
Ellen Bryant VoigtRea WriterMarch 1995
Peter MatthiessenRea WriterApril 1994
Mark StrandRea WriterMarch 1994
Madison BellRea WriterMarch 1994
Mary OliverRea WriterMarch 1993
Marianne WigginsRea WriterMarch 1993
Lorrie MooreRea WriterMarch 1992
W.S. MerwinRea WriterNovember 1991
James SalterRea WriterFebruary 1991
Louise GluckRea WriterNovember 1990
Jamaica KincaidRea WriterMarch 1990
John AshberyRea WriterNovember 1989
Ann BeattieRea WriterOctober 1988

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